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1. Connect LiveChat with

This integration is built in Agent App Extension style. After installation, it will appear in the right sidebar. You can open and configure it by clicking on icon

Open LiveChat Integration

Then, you can simply connect your LiveChat account by clicking on "Sign in with LiveChat" button

Sign in with LiveChat Button

and allowing LiveChat integration to have access to your basic data (like email address and agents names) and offer you in-app payments. We use it to provide you the simplest way to order NFC Trigger Tags.

Give access to LiveChat account

Whenever you click on "ALLOW" button, your LiveChat account is connected to!

2. Create your first Trigger

Please click on "Click here to create new trigger"

Create Your First Trigger

and adjust pre-filled form (we set up your LiveChat license ID and "trigger point" - this is part of your unique URL automatically) form if it's necessary

Adjust Trigger Form

Then, save your Trigger.

3. Get Your Trigger

Once your Trigger is configured and saved you can get it three options:

  1. Order your custom designed NFC Trigger Tags
  2. Print out QR Trigger Code
  3. Order your NFC Trigger Tags

For first two options, you need to click on "GET TRIGGER" button:

Get Trigger

3.1. Order your custom designed NFC Trigger Tags

You can customize the design of your trigger before ordering it. To do that:

  1. Upload your custom image (it may be your brand logo etc.)
  2. Design/adjust your image
  3. Click on "Save" button
  4. Then confirm changes by clicking on "Order" button
  5. :
Design Your Trigger

Now you can enter order details: trigger type (for now only "sticker with print" is available) and items quantity. Please note that you can order triggers in packages of 10 items (like 10, 20, 50, 100... triggers).

Order Your Trigger

Next, you need to provide delivery details and click on "Order" button.

Adjust Trigger Form

Finally, you will be asked by LiveChat Billing system for confirming your order. Please do that by clicking on "BUY WITH LIVECHAT" button.
That's it!

After clicking on "GET TRIGGER" button, you can scroll down to get your QR Trigger Code. You can print it out and enjoy your LiveChat immediately!

Get Your QR Trigger Code

3.3. Order your NFC Trigger Tags

In the case of the third option (if you want to order standard designed NFC Trigger Tag), please click on "MENU" button

Click On Menu

And then, go to the "ORDERS" tab

Click On Orders

Then, select Trigger, enter order details: trigger type and items quantity and provide delivery details. Next, click on order and confirm payment.

4. Distribute your triggers and get more chats!

Now you are ready to distribute your Triggers on your products, ads, marketing materials etc. to get more chats! Enjoy your new communication channel!

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